Not Even A Mouse

This was such a fun little story to read. A great pick me up for the busy days before Christmas. And Miss Kelly is offering it for free on her website:


12/17  TO  12/23

"The Wily Witness"    by:    Marlow Kelly


Probationary FBI Agent Finn Callaghan is having a bad day. It’s his second day in the field, and he’s stuck doing his partner’s filing. A teenage boy, Noah Lewis, is arrested for stealing five hundred thousand dollars in diamonds, and Finn is convinced of his innocence. Then evidence goes missing and an eccentric old woman turns up claiming to have witnessed the robbery, Finn can’t help but get involved. 
Can he prove Noah is a gullible patsy or will the youngster be charged with grand larceny in the second degree? 

Finn Callaghan is a character from the author’s full-length The Gathering Storm Series.

Lingerie by: Victoria's Secret                         Regency Phrase: Cucumberish = To have no money

A great month for lounging and what better way than in something light, cute, and a little lacy. For some reason I have to nighties in this style - different colors of course. Believe it or not, this little pale blue number is wonderful for relaxing and reading in. And if someone wants to bring me a little prosecco, well, I won't object. 

Happy Reading