Cocoa Please...

This week I plan on sitting back and reading. No writing, no editing, just reading. This week I feature all the books I've read since opening the Boudoir and give a hearty thank you to those who've read along and cheered me on.


July  to  December

July:               "Marrying Winterbourne"  by  Lisa Kleypas
August:          "Everything You Want Me to Be"  by  Mindy Mejia
                       "Lost and Found Sisters"  by  Jill Shavis
   "Salvation"  by  Lea Kirk
September:    "Almost Heaven"  by  Judith McNaught
                       "Gentle Rogue"  by  Johanna Lindsey
                       "To Love A Scandalous Duke"  by  Liana De La Rosa
October:         "Sun Storm"  by  Marlow Kelly
                        "Kiss Me At Last"  by  Holly Cortelyou
December:      "The Bad Luck Bride"  by  Janna MacGregor
                        "The Bride Who Got Lucky"  by  Janna MacGregor
                        "The Wily Witness"  by  Marlow Kelly

It's been a wonderful year! I've met some new friends and found some new authors. This year's lingerie has featured Victoria's Secret; AdoreMe; and Old Navy. I can't wait to see what the New Year has in store. I'm always looking for nice boutiques and would love to feature some local vendors. Among the lingerie M2 Vinter Inc. donated a lovely bottle of wine for Liana De La Rosa's debut book.

Gifted   by  Melodie
this weeks PJ's

This weeks jammies are a gift from my sister. Oh how she knows me so well. The Llama pj's hail from Old Navy and the great box framed picture is from my husband. 

It's been lovely sharing this with you. Enjoy the gallery of pics from this year and have a Happy Holiday.

Moonlight Rendezvous...

Ending up September with a book debut. This is not only the first in the Once Upon a Scandal Series; it's Liana De La Rosa's first published romance novel. Available from Entangled publishing 9/26. Pre-order a copy today.


9/22  TO  9/30

"To Love a Scandalous Duke"  by: Liana De La Rosa


Driven into exile years earlier, due to family scandal, Declan Sinclair is called home, devastated to discover his brother has been murdered and he’s the new Duke of Darington. When clues point to the man he blames for both his exile and his brother’s death, Declan resolves to ruin the culprit. If only the daughter of the man’s business partner, lovely Lady Alethea Swinton, didn’t tempt his resolve.

Lady Alethea Swinton has cultivated her pristine reputation in the hopes of winning her father’s praise. When her childhood friend returns, Alethea finds she’s willing to court scandal and defy her father to help the handsome Declan uncover the truth behind his brother’s death. Until she realizes Declan’s redemption will mean her family’s ruin.


2016 Viognier Wine provided by: m2 wines
Lauvere Vineyards, Fair Play / Stainless

Lingerie by: AdoreMe

I am so excited about this month's book pairing. Soft as silk, rosebud pink lace, is like heaven on your skin, and the petal soft, sheer chiffon skirt is irresistible. Comfy enough to sleep in all night. And pretty enough not to. The color of this flouncy lingerie, reminds me of a certain something pink that our heroine Alethea Swinton wears in this week's boudoir read.

When I found out that this soon-to-be synonymous with romance author Liana De La Rosa was coming out with a book, I knew I needed a very special bottle of wine to celebrate. This white wine hails from our own backyard in Northern California and is ideal for all seasons. The abundant stone fruit and crisp, refreshing finish is the perfect compliment for any occasion.

A humble thank you to m2 wines for their generosity 

Regency Phrase:
A Trifle Disguised = Slightly Drunk