Every Time You're Near

An Excerpt from my award winning Manuscript:

Chapter One / page 4

His narrowed eyes traipsed a prickly trail over every inch of her. He was as handsome as ever. Sandy haired, rich brown eyes, tall and oozing masculinity. No wonder she’d fallen for him once.

It had been years since she’d been this close to him. Her skin warmed and she swallowed hard at the unwelcome reminder. He hadn’t changed. And apparently her response to him hadn’t, either.

“Discharge you?” he asked. “When did I employ you? And what the devil for?”

When she opened her mouth to speak, her lips stuck to her teeth and her words caught in the desert of her throat. “I…” she rasped, the words tangling in the demoralizing confrontation.

“And that’s it? No explanation for this ruse? The great Lady Amelia Covington, whose frivolous life revolves around the endless entertaining utterances of foolish females, has nothing else to say?” He straightened to his full, formidable height, brought a hand to his chest and mocked, “Surely you have a word for me.”

Her head snapped up, that bit of nonsense disentangled her tongue, and she levelled a chilling glare at him. “My word? Dolt. That’s my word for you, Lord Richfield.” She said this last part with revulsion, treating him to an insulting inspection as he’d just done to her.

Lightning fast, he snatched the silly gray mobcap from her head, knocking the hair coiled beneath into a disorderly mess of bright burgundy curls. “What’s the game, Amelia?”

The use of first names amongst the ton was a privilege that demanded permission, something she’d given him three years ago. But not today. He’d lost that right when he’d thrown her away, spoiled and abandoned like yesterday’s rubbish.

“I don’t know, Mitchell. What do you think it is?” she retorted, showing him the same lack of respect.

The muscle in his jaw ticked and his nostrils flared. “A maid? In my house.” He threw the rumpled cap over her head. “My house.

“Yes. A maid. In your house. Why else would I be dressed like this?” Her eyes flashed with each inflection, and she popped her apron at the last, frustrated over an obvious answer to a needless question.

His gaze darted over her and he sighed, clearly struggling with the truth of her presence. “Sit.”

“I have work to do.”

“No, you’re discharged. Now sit.”

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Royal  Ascot  Top 10   for  2018

   So excited to get this little flag in my e-mail today!

So excited to get this little flag in my e-mail today!

*** After he promised to forget a drunken kiss, she wanted more, much more. Until scandalous secrets threaten to pull them apart forever. *** (pitch war pick 2017) Every Time You're Near

Line edits are underway! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I mean to reach it's end soon. "Every Time You're Near " will make a debut in 2020 :)

In the meantime, I'm busy working on a project close to my heart, and characters who live beyond my writing. Grant and Nicolette will appear in "The Forfeit" sooner than later, I hope. Stay tuned for more updates.

*** Once ardent lovers, now hateful enemies. If ruining her wasn’t enough, a forged birthright and assassinating her uncle didn’t help.*** (pitch war pick 2017) Every Time You're Near

Every Time You're Near

Ruining her had ruined him.

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