Recovered Breakfast

So I've been sick. Big deal. Right? 

Right! Today I'm eating a normal breakfast. It's even better than the Weight Watchers portions I've been eating lately. Remember I lost those last 3 lbs being sick, I think I deserve something spectacular. 

And anything with jalapenos is fabulous!

Simple and one of my favs: Eggs, a dollop of light sour cream, local made salsa, a stove crisp tortilla, and.... freakin jalapenos. Frankly, with this breakfast, I can stay on the weight watchers wagon without worry. But I'm starving, so who's worrying.

Did you catch the rhetorical device? 5 w's in a row? Two points if you can name it because my memory is lagging and I'm too lazy to look it up.

Have a well week my friends. 


PS. no Toodles today, I figure a pic of a cat and a plate of food... (shaking head)