Winter is Coming

TV or no TV, that is the question.

So, we’re thinking of giving up TV. Not really TV, pretty much what most people refer to as cable. Where I live it’s satellite, which in many ways makes it more difficult to eliminate given we have no other option for TV. But who’s watching? That’s the real question.

I write most of the day and I can’t do that with the flat screen humming. I can’t even write with music on. Silence is my buddy. That and my Toodles. He sleeps at my feet. In fact he just made a loud flop and drop.

Here’s the deal: we pay well over a hundred dollars for satellite, and that’s without HBO (except during GOT season) and the like. That’s a lot of moola to fork over just to get Judge Judy twice a day and the season finale of Survivor.

The hubs likes his hockey, so there’s that. His obsession with the sport is medical. Quitting is an issue of withdrawals, but only during hockey season and the extra dollars might help. I’m convinced there’s another way for him to enjoy alllllll the games.

What’s the worst that could happen? I’d get more reading done, maybe listen to more music.

What to consider? Game of Thrones just started!

Winter is coming…