You Sew, Right?


Creativity can be a double-edged sword. I’ve always had a fondness for sewing. That’s my way of saying “I can sew…and I’m not too bad at it”. But when I was younger this wonderful creative gift came with hemming everyone’s pants on Christmas.

Hemming is one of my least favorite sewing things to do.

You can guess that I obliged. I can’t leave my family wanting for clean hemlines. And this week I can’t leave my mom wanting for team aprons for the Opening day of pre-football. I never really understood the whole pre-game thing, but that’s another story. You all know how much I love to procrastinate.

So, these aprons have turned into a semi-rush job. With edits coming in last week I’ve got a lot on my mind and sewing aprons sort of took a backseat. (cliché alert) It’s only fitting that I should be working on these on Sunday, since football lands on Sunday.

Two Forty-Niners, one Steelers, and two Packers. Aprons, that is.

Now that I’ve started, however, I’m in the zone: lining up gathering stitches, salivating over my good scissors, threading needles, and oh the iron. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh, crisp, new fabric under the heat of an iron.

Funny, most of the heroines I write don’t sew. This is the one subject I could write about with a modicum of expertise, and I don’t. Hmmmm, some unsuspecting Regency female is in for a needle and thread, me thinks.

What would an independent Regency woman sew?

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