Happiest Place On Earth


The Happiest Place on Earth...Disneyland

Even in June, when it’s 100 plus, the secret for a successful Disney vacation is attitude.

In the summer, know you’re gonna sweat…a lot. You’ll need a water bottle (which they will happily refill at most restaurant venues) and an overpriced, battery operated, spray/fan bottle.

In the winter you may need a poncho and be willing to ride the waves on the rain collecting, ankle sloshing, Matterhorn Bobsleds.

But the one thing you’ll need the most is a good attitude. No one likes the heat, so soak up the body odor and enjoy your neighbors in line. Or, get a fastpass. Better yet, ride solo. Browse the air-conditioned stores and bring a change of shoes.

And for heaven’s sake, enjoy the day. It’s Disneyland.

Favorite ride: Mr. Toads

Favorite snack place: Jolly Holiday Bakery

Favorite show: World of Color

Favorite company: family

Here are a couple hookups for snacking Disney style: