One of these days I'm going to write about prioritizing, when it becomes a priority.

I have way too much to do this week and next. And with summer and the 4th upon us, far too many people pulling one way and then the other. Something's gotta give. Except that nothing can.

What to do when 7 out of 14 work days are on the line? Prioritize. 




Conversations with Toodles (my cat)...sorry bud. But you can lay under my desk and I'll look at you with longing.

Coffee - this is priority. Editing - priority. Making deadlines - PRIORITY. Wine tasting - uh, yeah, priority.

Chat later...

:D  Shannon

                    Toulouse.    aka Toodles

                    Toulouse.    aka Toodles

Happiest Place On Earth


The Happiest Place on Earth...Disneyland

Even in June, when it’s 100 plus, the secret for a successful Disney vacation is attitude.

In the summer, know you’re gonna sweat…a lot. You’ll need a water bottle (which they will happily refill at most restaurant venues) and an overpriced, battery operated, spray/fan bottle.

In the winter you may need a poncho and be willing to ride the waves on the rain collecting, ankle sloshing, Matterhorn Bobsleds.

But the one thing you’ll need the most is a good attitude. No one likes the heat, so soak up the body odor and enjoy your neighbors in line. Or, get a fastpass. Better yet, ride solo. Browse the air-conditioned stores and bring a change of shoes.

And for heaven’s sake, enjoy the day. It’s Disneyland.

Favorite ride: Mr. Toads

Favorite snack place: Jolly Holiday Bakery

Favorite show: World of Color

Favorite company: family

Here are a couple hookups for snacking Disney style: