A Lesson for all Time

 One Lesson; One Lie; One Love

A Lesson For All Time is currently in first draft form and headed for revisions and edits. This can be a longer process than the actual writing of the book. But the story's finished and I can't wait to release this couple into the world.

Enjoy a blurb:

Constance was hard pressed to grow up, even at the ripe age of twenty-one, until Derek Montgomery came along and proved that not every man was a pushover for the beautiful girl who gets everything she wants.


The question so gentle, so quietly spoken, was a side she never knew existed in men. Derek was all hard lines and muscle, even his mouth was demanding, his dark blue eyes commanded obedience—although Constance was not subdued by such authority, not always. But this love he had… it was perhaps more daring than anything she’d ever witnessed.

You can meet Constance Whitmore briefly in Every Time You're Near.