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Ruined Rakes Series

Every Time You're Near

Amelia & Mitchell's Story

Every Time You’re Near takes FIRST PLACE!

Every Time You’re Near takes FIRST PLACE!


*** After he promised to forget a drunken kiss, she wanted more, much more. Until scandalous secrets threaten to pull them apart forever. *** (pitch war pick 2017) Every Time You're Near


Royal  Ascot  Top 10   for  2018

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And they lived happily ever after...

— Guaranteed


My first RWA convention was nothing short of amazing. My editor Sue Brown-Moore, my friend Cheryl P Rider, Janna MacGregor, Liana De La Rosa, Christine Thuau, Christina Britton, Christy Hovland, Minerva Spencer, Lea Kirk, CR Grissom, Dylann Crush, Priscilla Oliveras and so many more made every moment a dream.


A Peek-a-boo into the very near future...

1st vid getting started. The preliminaries. Shannon's journey into video, patreon, and regency underwear


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